Sex Tech Stars: Berlin’s Sex-Positive Startup Industry

Meet 3 early stage startups that are creating companies to shift the conversation around sex and sexuality with their sex tech innovations.

Modality Group

Elevator Pitch: Modality Group is a sex tech research firm. They connect sex product companies to consumers with inclusive market research.

Anatomy of Pleasure

Elevator Pitch: Anatomy of Pleasure uses 2D and 3D modelling to teach users how physical anatomy relates to sex and pleasure.

Vedra Care & Wellbeing

Elevator Pitch: Vedra Care & Wellbeing is launching its first product, an intimate massage gel with CBD infusion. With sleek design and a novel approach, the company intends to create products that you can leave on your nightstand, rather than hide under your bed.

Charlotte Hook is tech enthusiast and community builder empowering connection and collaboration through events at Factory Berlin.